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Mr. Bundoo Khan was born in the historical city of Meerut, India, in 1890. When his father passed away at age seven, he began training as a goldsmith and working part-time at his uncle’s kabob shop in Delhi. It was at that young age that he began cultivating his culinary talents under his uncle’s tutelage.

Later in his life, he migrated with his family to Karachi, Pakistan. Starting from scratch in 1948, Mr. Khan worked tirelessly selling parathas and kabobs to provide for his family. He was a conscientious man, and through hard work and dedication, he grew his small-scale operations and expanded his shop into a full-scale restaurant in 1957. Over time he began developing his menu to include his world-famous delicious Chicken Tikka and Bihari Boti dishes.

The name Bundoo Khan rose to prominence to the point that it has become synonymous with Pakistani BBQ. After he died in 1987, his children carried on his legacy of quality ingredients, rich flavors, and trusted service. His recipes have been passed down and preserved through the generations, and his original creations are now available to taste in multiple branches across the world. Waqar Mehmood, the grandson of Mr. Bundoo Khan, affectionately known as Pappu Bhai, invites you to come to try his family’s original mouthwatering creations at the master franchised branch in Fullerton, California, USA


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